Birthplace: Park Ridge, Illinois

Current home: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Jewelry designer

Favorite metal: 18k yellow gold

Favorite stones: Diamonds, especially rose cuts and old miners.

Favorite style to design: Rings with intricate details.

Strange fact: I don't have my ears pierced.

Inspired by: Architecture, the older the better and I can't get enough of the details.

Mentor: Fred de Vos, a self taught jewelry master. 

Personal hero: Richard Nickel, my dad's cousin. He devoted his life to salvaging and preserving Chicago's architecture. In 1972, he died tragically when the trading room floor collapsed on him. He was attempting to save pieces from the demolition of the old Chicago Stock Exchange building, designed by Adler and Sullivan.

The beginning: My grandma and Aunt Marianne were obsessed with flea markets. When my sister and I were little they would always bring us their finds- costume jewelry. Dressing up in all of those jewels made me happy.

The Middle: A friend who knew my love of jewelry encouraged me to take a jewelry class. I was immediately drawn to the process of wax carving.

The Present: Upon creating my collection, I continue to hone in and strengthen my skills as a designer. I work from my studio in wax and get my pieces cast in metal.

Studio Mate: Mia, my rescue dog from Georgia.